Shamanic Experience

Indian Dream Catcher

The heart of Shamanic Experience is the shamanic journey to the parallel worlds that make up Non-ordinary Reality. There are a couple good ways you can benefit from the insight and healing afforded you through Shamanic Experience: through Classes or Soul Retrieval.

You may wish to take a Class to learn to connect directly with the help and wisdom available from the angelic forces, power animals, and spirit guides in the Spirit Worlds.

If you feel you need more directed healing work than can be accomplished in a group setting, then you may want to request a Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a healing technique which has been widely practiced in indigenous cultures for millennia. When a person suffered a shock or trauma, the shaman, medicine man or medicine woman, would go to work journeying to bring back the vital essence that was lost. This vital essence and energy is essential to physical and emotional wellbeing, so Soul Retrieval is a great way to restore your sense of joy and aliveness. Soul Retrieval is also wonderful for getting you in touch with the unique gifts you are intended to express and can help you get you back on track with your life!

Choose Life!

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Choose Health!

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